CD.P.A. Officers

President     Elizabeth West

Vice-President/Treasurer      Houston Putnam Lowry

Vice-President     Bill MacLaren

Secretary     Katie MacLaren

Assistant Secretary     Scott Gibbs

Putnam Elms is located on land purchased in 1740 by Godfrey Malbone of Newport, RI.  He owned 3,240 acres that was quit claimed to his two sons.  He also built Old Trinity Church located nearby on Church Street.

In 1791 Daniel Putnam purchased 158 acres of the estate when he married Malbone's niece Catharine Hutchinson.  They raised eight children on the farm.  Daniel died in 1831 and his family moved to Hartford.

The house was rented for some years until his son-in-law James Brown moved in with his family  about 1844.  When James's son John Murdock Brown married Eliza Putnam Day in 1869 he built the south wing of the house to live in and gave the older section to John and his family.  After John and his son James died Eliza sold the property to family member Emily Malbone Morgan in 1906.  She opened the house as a vacation home for working women. 

When she died in 1937 the property was left to family members Julia Morgan Firth and Emily Malbone Morgan Hooker for life and then to her grandnieces Catharine Putnam Hooker and Katherine Crosby, and the remainder to the Colonel Daniel Putnam Association as a memorial to her mother.  Julia Morgan Firth quit-claimed the property to the C.D.P.A. in 1938.

Putnam Elms